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I am the facilities manager at a large London exhibition centre in London. I have used ptm at a previous site on taking over my present site where we have a several food outlet's and restaurants we have endured a massive grease build up and was having the sump pits pumped out at least once per month due to the fat & grease build up and this in turn stopped the floats from working causing several floods, which proved not only inconvenient time consuming but also expensive to clear up and lost revenue due to restaurants being closed. We also were having the drains jetted regularly on a service contract but this seemed to just push the grease further down the line and cause build up & blockages elsewhere.

I contacted ptm-uk and they came up with their plan which has been implemented for one & half years and in that time we have not a had any problems with the sumps and floats and we recently carried out a drain camera survey and the pipes remain clean with no apparent accumulation of grease. We also use ptm to empty and maintain our grease traps. I find ptm-uk a very easy company to deal with and see them as a valuable member of our preventative maintenance schedule.

Cliff Logan

I have been using P.T.M. for a number of years and have found them to be very professional in both there attitude and approach, they have delivered promptly when required and on several occasions have managed to supply our requirements even when the deadline is tight. There service is exemplary and the products they supply are very economical. A case in point we have been suffering from a fat/grease build up in one of our pits P.T.M. were called in and there recommendations for the use of certain environmental products have removed this issue.

Steve Crosby
Building Services Supervisor



This is a note regarding PTM environmetal, I have been using ptm for approximately 15 years. The service supplied is not only first class but is extremely knowledgeable and economical. They provide more than just a service! On several occasions we have had problems with Drains, sumps, lift stations etc which had become problematic due to build up of grease, we had them pumped out and jetted but the problems (blocked, smelling drains soon came back) after contacting ptm they conducted thorough survey’s and presented there recommendations. We applied the recommendations in several establishments over the years and the problems we had been experiencing were eradicated. We like the systems they supply as we like to work on a preventative schedule and feel this is far more economical. They install and maintain the system so we do not have to worry about the areas anymore.

The products PTM supplies are not only economical but they work and are environmentally friendly.

I would have no problem recommending PTM and it is our preferred supplier.

Terry Cox (Director)

In addition to providing a first class support service, PTM delivers a focused and highly geared solution to some of the best names in industry and commerce.

Recruit Retail Services plc manages manpower resource for many of the UKs leading retail organisations, and its site is well supported by a dedicated team at PTM Maintenance. Recruit Retail's Managing Director, John Markwell, says "PTM is a key business supplier & partner for us. They provide us with a consistent, reliable and highly skilled out-sourced solution, allowing us to focus on our key customers, as well as proving cost effective and efficient, their work is supported by excellent management information which is invaluable to our planning and budgeting process".

John Markwell
Recruit Retail Services plc

We use ptm for our septic tank and drain dosing at our golf club. Since using ptm we have had no grease or fat build up and there have been no smells in the septic tank or drain pipes.  PTM supply an excellent and economical service both for preventative and reactive.


We had problems with our vacuum system with blockages; noise etc from the system. After consulting ptm and conducting some tests with the product in our system, we proceeded to dose the entire vacuum system with the product and the issues were removed. The effectiveness of the system was greatly improved and noise and blockages eliminated.

Rob H
City of London

We had big issues with blockages from grease and fat which also created smells and lots of flies so we contacted ptm and they came in and following their recommendations we started using ptm's drain product. There was a significant improvement in the drains and since then have removed the smelly grease trap which has created a better kitchen environment and freed up space. We have installed more systems to keep the drains under control. We have been really impressed with ptm and their system which they maintain by visiting regularly to ensure it is topped up and working efficiently.

large hotel in the EC area of London.


Contact us 01442 217213 or Email: enquiries@ptm-uk.com and let us develop a unique system for you.

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