PTM Environmental Treatment Technologies enviromentally sound drain treatment


PTM Environmental Treatment Technologies

Environmental Treatment Technologies are innovative, leading providers of technologically advanced, eco-friendly biological treatments and associated products that have been developed to minimise problems associated with drain and wastewater systems. Blocked, backing up, smelling drain systems are preventable by using our years of expertise and experience to implement a site specific, tailor-made system.

drain dozing


Our consultants will carry out a site survey before recommending the correct course of action to ensure NO MORE DRAIN PROBLEMS. We are not a company that just sends you a product; we deliver a system to prevent the problems associated with drains to ensure that they are free flowing and non-smelling.


environmental drain cleaning


Through our commitment to innovation, research and development, latest technology and service excellence we are able to deliver significant benefits to our clients and customers across a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail, healthcare, governmental and non-profit sectors.



Free running drains


Elimination of odours


Environmentally friendly


No more emergency callouts


No more disruptions to operations


No more flood damage to property


Contact us 01442 217213 or Email: and let us develop a unique system for you

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